REVEALED! 1 in 3 Premier League Stars Cheat on their Partners

Helen McCarthy met up with a well-known Premier League footballer and England International for a candid interview about what our national sports stars really get up to at night! What he revealed will shock you...

By: Helen McCarthy
Posted: Monday, July 7th 2015

Staff Reporter Helen McCarthy
couldn't believe what she discovered when she sat down with one household Premier League footballer and established England international. Think you know what your favourite footballer gets up to off the pitch? Think again!

London, England – It's no secret that uber-rich male sports stars are forever being chased by young girls looking for a taste of the high life. But what might surprise you is just how many Premier League footballers are falling to temptation.

In a rare and candid interview, I spoke to a well-known Premier League footballer and England international, who revealed that in his dressing room alone, 1 in 3 players were cheating on their partners.

But that wasn't the most shocking revelation made by our Premier League insider, as you'll discover in just a moment...

Hi, and thanks for talking with me today.

No problem at all.

A footballer cheating on his wife or partner is a pretty common story in the news these days. Is it fair to label all footballers this way?

No of course not. Not all of us are like that. I've been married for 4 years and I wouldn't dream of it. But there are a lot of players who stray. Whenever I go out with the guys there are young girls throwing themselves at us, which for some of the players, is very hard to resist. They want the lifestyle that comes with being a footballer's wife.

So how many players in your dressing room have cheated on their wives or partners?

I'd say 1 in 3, easily. I'm pretty close to a lot of them (as a friend, he points out laughing), and I know what they get up to. I don't condone it. But I can't stop it either. It's their life at the end of the day.

We chat a little more about footballers and their unfaithful ways, but it's when we turn to the subject of money – which Premier League players are never short of – that the conversation starts to get really interesting.

In fact, our Premier League insider reveals something that I had no idea about – that a large proportion of players are now supplementing their salaries with something known as binary options trading.

So what is binary options trading, and how much money are footballers making from it?

The answer will surprise you. And as our Premier League star revealed, it's so simple, anyone can use this method to make as much as £200 a day from home, easily and 100% legally.

Many of our readers, who work regular 9-5 jobs, get fed up hearing how much money footballers earn. What's your answer to that?

Yes, I read the papers too, and I understand how the regular football fan feels because of what's reported. But despite the perception, not all Premier League players earn fantasy amounts of money. The smaller clubs have very tight wage structures to protect themselves in case of relegation, so a lot of their players aren't earning anywhere near the levels that many people on the outside seem to think. In fact, there's a growing trend amongst the players for supplementing their income with binary options trading. It's great fun and very easy to master, which a lot of the players like about it. We're not the smartest after all!

Ok, I haven't heard about that. How did that start?

As far as I know, a player at a top 4 club (who I'd rather not name) started playing around with it, made some money, and told all the guys in the dressing room. Within a few weeks, the news had spread around the clubs about how simple it was, and now there are literally hundreds of players, from both the Premier League and the Championship and below, who are involved with binary options trading. They love it, and a lot of them are making extra money trading on the mobile app while traveling on the tour bus or in the locker rooms after training.

Are you doing it?

Yes, I am now. It's super easy and I‘m getting pretty good at it! I hadn't even heard about it until 3 months ago when the rumour reached our club and a few of the guys started trying it. I thought it would be really difficult to master and make money from, but it's much easier than I imagined. Unlike traditional stock market trading, binary option trades are really fast. They usually last only 15 minutes, so you can see a return very quickly – and then get back to dinner, your favourite TV show, or training!

I'm intrigued! So how does it work? Can anyone start doing it?

Yes, absolutely. You can sign up for a free account and get going straight away. All you need to do is predict whether the price of an asset, such as a Apple, Facebook, Google, Barclays. Gold, EUR/USD will go up or down in a set time period, which as I said, is often less than 15 minutes. So it's great fun, and very simple to do. The returns are excellent too. I started with a deposit of just £200 and I'd tripled it within the first week. I now make around £3,000 a month, but I try to be careful and not trade with too much. I'm not saying everyone will be able to do make this kind of money. I can obviously only speak from my own experience, but it really works.

Wow, so are a lot of your fellow players making really big money doing this?

Sure, some of them are. But obviously, the players from the major clubs have a lot more money to trade with, so it's all relative. The lower league players trade with smaller amounts, of course.

Is this something an everyday person can do as well, or do you need experience of trading?

Not at all. You don't need any experience or knowledge of trading. I definitely didn't have any! An everyday person can easily supplement their income too. They won't become millionaires, but they can make really good returns: several thousand pounds a month easy. I'd definitely recommend it. I've noticed that most people in this country haven't heard about it though, which is why so few people do it. (Editor's note: there's a detailed explanation about how to get started below).

Thanks so much for speaking with me, and for revealing how your fellow professionals are spending their free time! I had no idea.

No problem at all. It's been great talking, and I hope some of your readers are able to benefit like I have. Like I said, you won't make millions, and that's not really the aim. But you can easily generate a few thousand extra a month. My wife and I (who I'm very faithful to I might add (laughs), put all of my trading income into a separate account which we use to pay for holidays, and for the kids' school fees and things like that. It makes a big difference, and it's definitely worth a try.

At the end of the interview, I'm desperate to try out binary options trading for myself.

I mean, if this really is as effective as he claims, then it's pretty exciting.

So I immediately head on over insider's trading company of choice, OptionRally, which according to their website, were the first online financial trading website to specialise in binary options.

It sounds amazing, but I was naturally quite sceptical.

After all, the internet is awash with money making schemes, so I was determined to put it to the test myself.

So with my editor's blessing I decided to sign up for a free account with OptionRally and start trading!

So how did I do?

"In just one month, and with zero knowledge or experience of binary options trading, I've called 37 of 51 trades correctly, scoring a 72.5% win rate and an overall profit of £1,377.”

If you've been inspired by Helen's story, here's what you need to do to get started as a binary options trader...

How to get started...


To begin using this strategy, you first need to sign up to a trading platform. There are quite a few platforms available, but from my experience the best by far is OptionRally, the first and biggest binary broker, and the most popular platform amongst the Premier League stars.

Not only is it really easy to use for beginners, with a ‘training academy' section on their website which includes trading guides, videos and tutorials for beginners, but they also offer the largest pay-outs of any broker I've seen, and they make payments quickly as well – which is really important. Plus, unlike a lot of other companies out there, you can join completely free!


Of course, in order to trade you need to deposit some money. But it doesn't have to be much, so don't worry! In fact, OptionRally allows you to start with a deposit of just £200 and trade as little as £25 at a time. I'd definitely recommend that you start small, and then work your way up towards bigger trades and bigger profits as you become more experienced.


After you've signed up and made your deposit, you will be automatically forwarded to the trading page. The good news is, there are only two options to choose from: if you think the price will go UP, you place a ‘call' trade. If you think it will go DOWN, you place a ‘put' trade. It's that simple! All you then need to do is enter an amount you wish to trade with in order to purchase the option. All of the trades have returns of anywhere between 70% - 80%, and you can make money in as little as 15 minutes!

Trading Binary Options involves the risk of losing your investment, and may not be suitable for you. Please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved.


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  • Posted by Tom Chapman
    Surprise surprise, footballers cheat. I'm amazed it's not more than 1 in 3 to be honest.

  • Posted by Susan Mutch
    Footballers have affairs. Big whoop. The only interesting part about this article is the trading part. Had no idea.
  • Posted by Frankie Bailey
    Hey guys, can anyone here confirm whether or not this is for real? All sounds a bit too good to be true to me.
  • Posted by Sally Henry
    Can't confirm the 1 in 3 cheat bit, but I can vouch for binary options. I do it myself and earn around £200 per month extra. It's actually a lot easier than people think.
  • Posted by Jeff Taylor
    If it's so amazing and can make you rich, why isn't everyone doing this? Nobody would need to work!

  • Posted by Carl Vuglar
    Don't be an idiot Jeff. They explain in the article that it won't make you rich. It's just a really good way to make an additional income. I've been trading binary options for more than 6 months now. It's a heck of a lot fun because it's really fast paced and exciting! When I first started I was making £300 a month. It's now up to £1,000 and growing. People need to open their eyes a bit.
  • Posted by Sophie Dean
    This guy actually seems quite eloquent for a footballer. I really want to know who he is! Shame they can't say. Trading stuff looks interesting.
  • Posted by Ria Morgan
    Jeff, the article actually says why everyone isn't doing it. Hardly anyone over here even knows about it. They soon will though I guess, especially if it works as well as it seems to.
  • Posted by David Beckwith
    I actually know of a premier league player who's sleeping with 4 different women. He has a wife and 2 kids. She knows he's been cheating but won't leave him because she loves the lifestyle too much. Who's worse – the footballer or the wife?
  • Posted by Tom Middlebrook
    Yep, it works guys. I started doing this 5 months ago. I deposited £200 to begin with and built up from there. I'm now making an average of £1,100 a month. It's brilliant!
  • Posted by Laura Walker
    David, that is such a ridiculous and ignorant thing to say. She probably doesn't want to leave because of the children. I'm divorced and I feel guilt every day because of the damage it's done to the kids. Poor woman having to live in the same house as that cheating scumbag.
  • Posted by Rachel McKenzie
    Binary options is the best. My (non-cheating) husband makes an average of £800 a month which we put in an account for the children. He spends around 1 hour a night online, if that. Definitely worth taking a look at.
  • Posted by Paul Robertson
    So what? £3000 a month. Not exactly mega money is it!?!

  • Posted by Eleanor Selby
    He didn't say it was “mega money” did he? I guess earning an extra £3,000 each month is beneath you is it?
  • Posted by Cara Webb
    The guy in the article, and the reporter, clearly said that you won't get rich doing this. It's just a really cool and fun way to earn extra money on the side. £3,000 a month extra would do for me thanks very much. Sign me up. Lol.
  • Posted by Adie Booth
    Chill out everyone. It's just an article. If you don't believe it works, fine. If you have an open mind, why not try it out? Just to add my two pennies worth, I make around £400 a week doing this. I spent no more than 3 hours each week trading. You are shown how to do it. It's up or down. Simples.